Landscape Design Of Haoxin Dental Industry Park

Date of preparation: 2015.7
Project scale: 10000 m2

From a plane figure can be seen by the spatial structure and
function construction determines the forms of water, like a mosaic
in the atrium above a blue gems in the......

Red line, the expression of the architectural space has a good
transportation accessibility, visual permeability, air mobility... The
color of social networking platforms all the focus on the atrium
building, more bright, dazzling, dazzling dance.

We just recommendation that below:
The comfortable outdoor communication space
The WIFI covers all outdoor areas
The implantation of interactive office
The ubiquitous outdoor communication space exist everywhere
The street is beautiful, attractive landscape
The tailored for business landscape
The outdoor banquet, conference reception, and Theatre
The appropriate fitness sites
The outdoor products exhibition