Tourism planning

Master Planning on Tourism Sector, Enormous Fairy Mountain, Chongqing Municipality

     As one of the most well-known tourism area, Enormous Fairy Mountain sited in the linked area of one circle and two wings in Chongqing Municipality, joint part between Wulong, Fengdu and Hulin, moreover, located in the significant geographic position where both the Yangze and Jialin river cross together, both the western and eastern rural and urban areas facilitate each other, especially both the southern and northern wings meet. In the respect of tourism resources, three major scenic spots and the other regions which radiated to, including Wulong fairy mountain, Fengdu Nantian lake and Hulin Wulin hill, are integrated together. In terms of authority, the local administrative boundary covered three districts or town which included Wulong, Fengdu and Hulin, also ranked into the first comprehensive tourism area. With 1080 square kilometers’overall area, the planning boundary bounded on Huolu town by east; bounded on Yangcha ridge by south; bounded on Baitao by west; bounded on Tianhu town by north. Within the overall area, The section of Wulong town covered 514 square kilometers; the section of Fengdu town covered 334 square kilometers, that of Hulin district occupied 232 square kilometers. Whole planning research area is as much as 2500 square kilometers.
   Based on significant development strategies, economic strategy (ecological economy, life economy and livelihood economy), integration strategy(horizontal combination, vertical fusion and external join) as well as quality strategy( tourism brand, project quality and project variety), by 2020, this particular tourism area will be transformed into a comprehensive entity in tourism sector cluster with annual reception capacity more than 20 million person-time, and overall annual tourism income more than 30 billion, in such a case, tourism industry is able to drive other industries to create a value over 100 billion.
     In accordance with overall layout—one ground, three towns and five themed tourism areas, this project will finally assist the themed image of enormous fairy mountain realize its sub-level location, including both overseas image location ( Sightseeing Destination of Word Natural Heritage Site) and domestic image location (ecological and recreational destination on chinese subalpine zone range).

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