Tourism planning

Design of Upgrading and Rebuilding Scheme of Heishangu 5A National Tourist Area, Wansheng, Chongqing

Date of preparation: 2009
Project scale: 6.5km2

The Most Attractive Scenic Spot in Great China, Asia 2010
The Second Prize from Chongqing Excellent Planning and Design 2009

Heishangu Scenic Spot is situated in the southeast of Wansheng District, Chongqing, and is 23Km away from main urban area of Wansheng, and is the main part of Heishan – Stone Forest Famous Scenic Spot of Chongqing Municipal Famous Scenic Area, and is also the natural scenic spot with the largest area and best ecological preservation. It is one of the “landscape urban construction projects” during construction of excellent tourist products during the “Eleventh Five-year Plan” of Chongqing and leading scenic spot in Wansheng. This scenic spot is filled with deep and beautiful valleys, clear streams, and ancient, simple and fresh features. This upgrading and rebuilding project takes popular ecological tour as its main function under the precondition of natural ecological preservation, focused on ecological feature, activity participating feature, culture and art feature and popular scientific cultural entertainment feature to meet tourists’ demand for valley landscape, summer resort and popular ecological science. Therefore, during the design, we use Yelang folk culture and bamboo culture as contents and “landscape legend” as the design theme to combine landscape with culture. It is planned to build into typical natural ecological scenic area and tourists’ preferred excellent cultural experience place.