Tourism planning

Schematic Design for Creating 4A National Tourist Spot in Tangjiahe Scenic Area, Sichuan Province

Date of preparation: 2009
Project scale: 50ha

The first prize from Chongqing Excellent Urban Planning
and Design 2009
National Natural Conservation Zone

Tangjiahe Scenic Spot located exactly in the northwestern corner of Qingchuan County, Guangyuan City, Sichuan Province, is a natural conservation zone protecting forest and wildlife, especially the pandas and their habitats. This zone does not only possess abundant wildlife resources and full plant vertical distribution, therefore it is called a “gene bank” of animals and plants, but also it possesses profound historical culture, including that of the Three Kingdoms. Important animals under government protection are yak in, panda, golden monkey and the like white plants under government protection include dove tree and so on. The design covers several regions like Gansu Tourist Center, Caijiaba, Tangjiahe Inspection Station, Shuichiping, Maoxiangba and Yinping Gudao. The scheme, based on ecological protection, supplemented with recreational visit, balancing nursing and visiting, focusing on the profound excavation of historical culture relevant to Three Kingdoms, aims to create an excellent scenic area integrated with functions like vacation, science and education, cultural experiences, visiting and sightseeing etc.