Tourism planning

Planning of Baiyun Tourist Characteristic Village, Wuzhai Town, Yongshan County, Yunnan Province

Date of preparation: 2014
Project scale: 37.31km2

This project is situated in Baiyun Village, Wuzhai Yi Miao Autonomous Town, Yongshan County. Baiyun Village falls within typical minority village in high cold mountainous area, with average altitude about 3000m. Key scenic spots of the base are mainly distributed in the east and south of Baiyun Village, with the features of “precious, strong, wide, miracle and beautiful” mountains, forests and grass, and is typical Karst landscape, where black-necked cranes are wandering, with beautiful red land, wide grass land, undulating hills, numerous kettles and sheep.

The planning is based on urban and rural integrated background. It is planned to develop into a comprehensive tourist community by using sightseeing tour and experience tour as guide, plateau ecological sightseeing, folk cultural experience as characteristic through land integration, introduction of infrastructures, presentation of national cultural features, solving of farmer employment and upgrade of characteristic villages in order to realize the goal of “national characteristic tourist village demonstration plot” and create the model that high cold mountainous tour guides transformation of industrial structure.