Tourism planning

General Planning of Tiankeng Difeng Famous Scenic Spot in Fengjie,Chongqing

Date of preparation: 2007
Project scale: 400km2

Nationwide Key Scenic Spot The Second Prize of Chongqing Excellent Planning and Design 2008

Tiankeng Difeng is situated at the southern end of Fengjie County, Chongqing. Furthermore, this scenic spot is located in the deep hinterland of Yangtze Three Gorges, which is within the radiation of the Three Gorges. The scenic spot is renowned for its matchless wonders, typically, Tiankeng, Difeng, and biodiversity resulted from the landscape can absolutely be the most wonderful around the world, so this spot is one of the typical landscape of Karst landform in southern China. The planning mainly focuses on Karst landform landscape such as Karst Tiankeng and Difeng gorge, combined with cultural landscape character of Tujia minority to build a national mountain-type scenic spot integrating sightseeing, scientific research, exploration, adventure and vacation. By adopting the structure of “one center with multiple groups”, this planning tends to divide this spot into nine scenery tour areas, three scenery cultivation areas, three scenery environmental protection areas, three tour affiliated facilities and residential regions.