Tourism planning

General planning of Tiansheng Sanqiao Famous Scenic Spot, Wulong County, Chongqing

Date of preparation: 2010
Project scale: 40km2

World Natural Heritage

Wulong Tiansheng Sanqiao Famous Scenic Spot is situated in Fairly Mountain Town (original Hetao Town and Baiguo Town) in Huolu Town, Wulong County, on the road of Wulong – Fairly Mountain, and is 20Km away from the northeast of the county town, 5km from Fairly Mountain Town, 15Km from Fairly Mountain Scenic Spot and 30Km from Furong Cave - the first in the world, and is a famous ecological scenic spot mainly including geological wonders in the whole country.

The scenic spot covers an area of about 40km2.

This planning is guided by the scientific development outlook, adheres to the thought of protecting strictly, develop rationally and utilize continuously, sets the principle as protecting the original landscape of Karst topography, original plant cover and vertically scattered cave and cliff, adopts the structural pattern of “section with double centers” and forms a special layout of “one axis with multiple groups”. By taking measures suitable for local conditions, highlighting the Karst system of Tiansheng Sanqiao and the characteristics of scenic resources, the planning aims to establish a world famous natural scenic spot with complete secure system to this scenic spot, sound service facility, wonderful sightseeing contents, balanced ecology etc.



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