Tourism planning

General planning of Yuanmou Ancient Human Cultural Tourist Project in Yunnan Province

Date of preparation: 2012
Project scale: 21.8km2

Ten Top Historic and Cultural Tourist Projects in Yunnan

This project is located in the west of urban area of Yuanmou County, adjacent to Chengdu – Kunming railway (Reshuitang Village) in the east; divided from Pudeng River and Mengang River in the west; extended to Pudeng Village in the north; bounded to Yuanshuang road in the south. The overall functional layout of this project is “two areas, one town and one park”, in which two areas refer to tourism industrial park of Yuanmou ancient human culture, and business, tourism and real estate area of ape man culture, one town means the tourism town providing access to eastern human’s health care, while one park means the historic park of Yuanmou ancient human fissile.