Tourism planning

General Planning of Large Fairy Mountain Tourist Area in Chongqing (Subarea Planning)

Date of preparation: 2012
Project scale:Project planning covers two counties namely Fengdu and Wulong,and one district namely Fuling with a total coverage of 1080Km2,including Fuling Area which occupies 232Km2,Fengdu Area with an area of 334Km2 as well as Wulong Area which covers 514Km2.

5A-Level Tourism Sports,Intemational Well-Known Ecological Leisure Resort Destination within Subalpine Belt,Nationwide Tourism and Leisure Resort,Nationwide Pilot Area for Poverty Relief by Tourism Sector,Nationwide Pilot Area for Ecological Tourism

This planning airs to provide guidance for the integration development and upgrading of scenic spots, including Fairy Mountain in Wulong, Nantian Lake in Fengdu and Wuling Mountain in Fuling. Meanwhile, we provide convenience for each town and district in concrete operation and further enhance the resource preservation and rational utilization of world natural legacy, National Forest Park and municipal scenic spot in the planned area. By sharing double brands (“World Natural Legacy” and “5A National Tourism Area”), optimizing allocation of tourism development factors, a tourism industrial cluster is formed in the Large Fairy Mountain and thereby transforms it an international subalpine tourism resort with ecological property.