Tourism planning

Planning and Conceptual Planning of Jin'ao Hill Tourist Leisure Comprehensive Development Project, Dadukou District, Chongqing

Date of preparation: 2013
Project scale: 5617mu (374.4ha)

This project is close to the Yangtze River. There are mainly Zhongliangshan Mountain, Xiaonanhai Hydropower Station, Baiju Temple Park, Diaoyuzui Park etc around it. The “three-longitudinal and one-horizontal” external main trunk road network structure will be formed around the planned area.

This planning takes Dadukou Regional Culture “Ao” culture as its starting point and dispersing point, and religious culture as supplement to maintain the current mountain and water pattern to improve the ecological environment quality. It is based on tourism, residence, industry and infrastructure etc functions to provide complete set of services for “south-expanding” of the urban space (new area of the peninsula). During marching to the west, it will form cultural leisure high-quality product through comprehensive development of tourist leisure. It will be based on the mountain and water ecological environment, historical cultural deposits and traffic regional advantage in Jin’ao Mountain Plot to create the metropolitan cultural tourist leisure pole core and industrial cluster ecological livable new town by taking culture as spirit, landscape as framework, building as shape, industry as body and tour-business-residence integrated and culture-industry merged.