Tourism planning

Conceptual Planning of Shennongjia Longivity Valley Tourist Vacation Area in Hubei

Date of preparation: 2014
Project scale: 16.8km2

This project is situated in Taping Village, Hongping Town, Shennongjia Forest Area in Hubei. The village is also called longevity village with excellent ecological environment and deep cultural deposits.
This planning takes the ecological environment that cannot be reproduced as its foundation, long-term Shennong culture as content, unique auspicious landform characteristic as package, good longevity reputation as public praise, high-mountain ecological leisure vacation as its key function and characteristic health-care and regional culture as its important characteristic, and will be built into the four-season leisure resort integrated with cultural experience, ecological sightseeing, business conference, leisure vacation and industrial development. It will be developed into high-mountain vacation high quality product, healthy living benchmark and longevity living sample.