Tourism planning

General Planning of Rural Tourism Development in Yubei District, Chongqing (2013-2020)

Date of preparation: 2013
Project scale: 1452km2

Yubei District is situated in Bayu parallel valley belt in the south of main peak of Huayingshan Mountain. The topography gently inclines from the northwest to the southeast. Yubei District is rich in rural tourist resources, with unique natural resources and long historical cultural resources affecting each other. Its famous rivers and mountains, cultural relic gardens and folk customs form its unique tourist scenic spots.

The planning is adopted with the theme of preferred destination for rural tourism, by surrounding the development layout of “one core, three-belt and ten-scenic spots” and taking “two-wheel drive, regional integration, industrial merging, brand leading, project supporting and characteristic development” as its development strategy to develop the modern sightseeing agriculture and rural tourism integrated with cultural experience, sightseeing tourism and leisure vacation. It will take the compound rural tourist destination of Chinese most-beautiful metropolitan countryside and the first in western China as its benchmark to create the nationwide leisure agricultural and rural tourist demonstration area with reasonable layout, suitable scale, distinct characteristics and beautiful environment through organic combination with the regional culture, agricultural industry and rural tourism, which will provide a batch of high-starting point and characteristic tourist destinations for the citizens and tourists.