Urban design

Longgang Central Area, Dazu County, Urban Design in Southern Region, Chongqing City

Geographic Profile:
Dazu county sited in the northwest of Chongqing city, between the Sichuan province and Chongqing city. Moreover, this county is the regional central city that is in the economic center from Sichuan province and Chongqing city, also the main route way from Chongqing to Sichuan province, even west china. Additionally, Longgang is the central part of Dazu county. Once the accessory channel from Chengdu to Chongqing works, the driving duration to Chongqing downtown would be 40 minutes. Given distance between Chongqing downtown area and Longgang would be shortened, the development of tourism economy in Dazu county would be motivating at that moment.

Planning Scope:
This planning area is within the southeast of Dazu longgang. However, this site facing westwards to Dayou road, laying northwards against Laixi river, extended to Datong road in the eastern direction, and lean southwards against the encircled avenue. Total area is approximately 3.5 square kilometers.

History and Culture:
Dazu is one city which has a long historical standing, prosperous culture. Considering that the Song dynasty is the most brilliant times in its history, how to expressing various characteristics from song dynasty would be the important point in this design process.
Stone carving culture, religious culture, hardware culture, folk-custom culture, diet culture.

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