Urban design

Upgrading and Renovated Scheme, Black Valley, Scenic Spot

National Level Natural Conservation Area
Complete time: 2010
Project scale: 6 kilometers      

      50 hectare Black valley located in the southeast direction of chongqing city, is 32 kilometers away from the downtown of Wansheng district and also the main part in Shilin scenic area—municipal scenic spot area( black moutain). As the largest and best ecological natural scenic area in Chongqing city, one of municipal constructed projects for forming the metropolis with hills and waters in “11th  five years plan”, black valley will be built as the primary natural spot recently. Regional vallies is very wonderful and clean, as well as ancient, simple, and fresh. In order to meet needs that included popularization of science in ecological sector, we are trying to achieving the goal in restored plan—improving and preserving the nature and ecology, setting ecological sightseeing as main function, highlighting the eco-characters, artistic and cultural characters, characters of entertainment. In such a case, whole design concept is on the basis of Yelang ethnic culture, culture in the bamboo, and around the theme“legend of hills and waters”. By integrating correctly the elements of water, hill, and culture, we are able to deliver a typle natural ecological scenic area which could be the first priority selected by tourists.

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