Urban design

Urban Design,Dianzhong Residential Culture Park, Yuxi city, Yunnan Province.

      Given project located in the municipal new zone, Yunnan province. Based on planning theory—enjoy from beautiful landscape, inhabit like poets.planning area is nearly 1.64 square kilometers. In fact, this project would be serving as new facilitator to improve and supplement northern ecological cultural zone, and business card for popularizing tourism of Yuxi, culture of Yuxi.

     Inherited the design principle—one seal(symmetry of building façade) which forming a range of strengths and architectural elements, such as well-arranged, regular and exquisite, reasonable function, integrated layout, Confucianism theories. Moreover, add a complete set of apartments, readjust room scale, suit modern livable style by inheriting, absorbing, innovating, creating, enhancing building structure.

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