Urban design

Regional Regulatory Detailed Planning,Constructive Detailed Planning and Urban Design, Ordos Golden Harbor Automobile Park,lnner Mongolia

First Prize of 2011 International Bidding of Chongqing Urban Planning Bureau

       Based on obeying the guideline of urban operation, we put the subjects of supporting facilities for city and land utilizing as core research contents, set the water green network and urban green corridors as belt, and integrate a series of developing theories like meeting human's basic needs and expressing local characteristics into the cultural elements of automobile industrial park. Eventually, successfully form a specific park which covered a variety of functions such as shopping, leisure, culture,entertainment, residential, commercial, automobile trade, racing, and so on. Complete set portfolio included one-stop service, experimental service, alldimensional services relevant to automobile.

       Typically, this park would be transformed into one of the most valuable automobile cultural industrial center. Setting the international automobile recreational industry as development core, we actively empowered many functions such as racing events, commercial, technical research, leisure, entertainment, real-estate development and transforming nature as possible into this project in order to form an automobile recreational city which is not only the first automobile recreational city, but also a racing center in north of china.

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