Urban design

Regional Detailed Urban Design, Fengdu Train Station,Chongqing

First Prize of 2011 International Bidding of Chongqing Urban Planning Bureau
Geographic introduction:
      Fengdu county is within the center area of Chongqing, construction of Peifeng highway incorporated the Fengdu county into the scope of One hour economic circle . This planning site is in the west of county. From the northeast to southwest side, Yangtze River and Ding zhuangxi, natural mountain are the boundary respectively. Therefore, this whole terrain appears one position that faces the water and leans against the mountain,objective area relevant to urban design is 3.62 square kilometers.
Planning guideline:
      The function of this planning area is focusing on railway system in Fengdu county and public transport juncture, in other word, this is a city cluster which specialized in providing services like urban transport logistics, commercial, residential, etc. By combining the railway yard, freight wharf, we are trying to build it as logistics center; furthermore, transforming this area into a CBD center which could contained more than 40,000 population in Ding Zhuangxi by utilizing the transport juncture railway station.
Base profile:
     Planning area is belonged with the typical mountainous landscape, from north to south,constructive land is arranged as platform shape, the maximum altitude difference is nearly 170 meters; Stream from two bays drain to Yangtze river along the ground edge and middle part. Current construction concentrated on the both side of road. Some few residential spots scattered among the road. Moreover, Yuli railway station is already initiated, mountainous landscape from three directions encircled this planning area, which causes a very excellent landscape resources. Cultural background: Fengdu city always have the prestigious name- town full of beautiful melody, besides, this town integrates all kinds of characters such as charming ghost town, immigrant capital, ecological leisure into a single supply chain. In the future, tourism sector would be the strategic pillar industry for national economy. Eventually, planning area intersects at the gateway between water and railway route and becoming the crucial window for promoting tourism in Fengdu city.

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