Urban design

Conceptual Urban Design, Duzhu District, Zhongxian City, Chongqing Municipality

Municipal Third level prize, excellent planning design, Chongqing city, First level,2010

International biding, Chongqing urban planning bureau, 2008
Completion time: 2009
Project scale: 3.4 square kilometers. Duzhu city in Zhong county is a very typical Pinhu

       Peninsula in three gorges reservoir region, which connects west with downtown of this county and face east to historic city-Huanghua over the river. All scheme is based on both Huanghua city in Song dynasty and modern Duzhu city in order to emphasize the theme of twin towns legend in three gorges, highlight the recreational experiences within Duzhu city, and deliver the value of three gorges to the world. In fact, this whole cheme is focusing on forming a tourism destination which is full of some functions like leisure, entertainment, exhibition, shopping, sightseeing, sports.

     In accordance with the urban design guideline ecology, tourism, modern , we try to deliver a new urban area which endowed by three merits - environmental Friendly, resource- effective, the ecological. Crucial design contents included twins city celestial street, Du zhu platform, three gorges pearl, as well as recreational center on the water.

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