Urban design

Urban Design, Da shaba Region, Qiaojia Town

      Qiaojia town sited in the northeast of Yunnan province, south west of Zhaotong city, also regarded as the important doorway entering into southern silk road from the north west of china. In particularly, with design scope as much as 2.5 square kilometer, Da shaba cluster bounded on Qiaojia town by south; bounded on 825 The submerged line alongside Jiasha river by east; bounded on Yupin mountain by west.

     Da shaba cluster is the core area of Qiaojia urban expansion, project team initiated several investigations in initial period and keep close communication with governmental department and local residents. Then, starting from the point of regional cooperated development, we correctly filed cultural character and natural environment around location as well as submitted a master position suitable to further development of both this location and city, which caused a significant guideline to all development and construction works in new urban area.

    The innovation parts of this design is formed on the basis of eco-tech strategy, basically, we initiated a variety of planning measures involved in sectors like livable circumstance, comprehensive transportation, urban security and the hydro-fluctuation belt, the provision of these methods deliver a solid foundation for enduring sustainability. 

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