Urban design

Urban Design, Yuxi Square, Yongchuan District, Chongqing Municipality

       This project is located within core zone of original downtown of Yongchuan district, sited 50 hectare. Based on urban Macro—development trend, we efficiently applied strategy of both renovation and construction, meanwhile, confirmed a series of functions within this planning boundary which involved in functional layout, spatial typology, landscape frame and road network system, moreover, attached great importance on forming site characteristics in order to create a particular urban space imbued with all key elements, such as vitality, convenience, character and comfort. 
       In accordance with design principle—continuity of culture from tea, bamboo and stone, injection of modern cultural dynamism, as well as inheritance of local custom and conditions, we successfully highlight dynamic bodies of water and magnificent mountain, construct network of green veins and reform rational layout relevant to ecology and landscape. Furthermore, highlighting the three vertical axis and extracting characteristics from six streets would provide back-up on restructuring both commercial and recreational area. Eventually, the goal of reinvigorating original downtown could be realized by enhancing comprehensive land-use and creating commercial core endowed with functions of entertainment and relaxation. 

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