Urban design

Urban Design, Gaofeng Town, Dianjiang County, Chongqing City

Third prize, Municipal Excellent Planning Design on Urban and Rural Area, 2010
First Prize, International Biding, Chongqing Urban Planning Bureau, 2009

     Based on careful study, analysis and assessment relevant to ecology from four aspects which included natural ecological element, social ecological element, economic ecological element and cultural element within this project boundary, we finally confirm the ecological functional area, ecological social area, ecological economic area and ecological cultural area. Key technical strategy that applied into this project is listed below:
• Energy Strategy: Promote the recycled utilization towards energy and resource, and explore the development path that is energy efficient, environmentally friendly and sustainable.
•Water Resource Strategy: Advocate to utilize water resource in all aspects, increase the utilization of water resource in order to achieve the overall ecological objectives, including water resource protection, water quality improvement and water volume conservation.
•Material/ Waste Strategy: Promote and popularize recycled utilization on various environmentally friendly material and waste.
•Strategy on Controlling Population Volume: Regulate population volume reasonably under the limit of load bearing capacity of surrounded environment and ecology.
•Strategy on Utilizing Land Reasonably: On the basis of comparison to different land quality, optimize land using layout.
•Strategy on Eliminating or Reducing Noise: Depended on some functions like          antisqueak, Green belt and acoustic insulating material, we can set them    around some places where the noise pollution is very serious, such as industrial park, street and highway
•Strategy on Preventing Light Pollution: Starting from different layers which included source of light pollution, transmission process and acceptance point, we adapted equipment and materials which specialized in preventing and reducing pollution.
•Strategy on Protecting Ecological System’s Diversity: To secure or maintain multi-functional rural soil ecological system, including forest, marshland, riverbank belt and residual village group, in such a case, we can create diverse ecological landscape, and enhance richness     level of flora, fauna and microorganism at the same time.
•Strategy on Creating the Building Micro-climate Environment: By sound building micro-climate and thermal environment design, provide human with comfortable, healthy working and living circumstance and  improve lift quality with minimum energy consumption.
•Green Transportation Strategy: Develop township transportation tool that is  beneficial to the diversity of urban environment and environmentally friend, depended on this particular strategy, traffic jam could be alleviated, pollution could be reduced, social equality will be improved, especially both construction and maintenance costs could be saved more or less.
•Strategy Towards all Civilian’s Ecological Science Education: Based on comprehensive method(propagation, training and self-evaluation), we can enhance all civilian’s ecological science education, also lead them to maintain township ecological environment voluntarily.
•Ecological Management Strategy: Implement protective system in accordance with ecological environment on three phases— stage before planning, on planning and after planning, finally apply the system  in practice depended on enhancing ecological management training to staff from multi-disciplinary departments involved in decision-making, design, implementation and practice. 

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