Urban design

Urban Design for North Railway Station and East Extended Area of the County Town in Liangping County, Chongqing

Date of preparation: 2012
Project scale: 2.81km2

With an overall flat terrain and partial massif, this planning area is located in the northeast of Liangping County, adjacent to the north railway station, moreover, occupied as much as 2.81Km2.


This region has been a single functional urban area serving railway station for a long time. Under the circumstance that Chongqing implements the strategy of “one integration, three changes and two transformations”, and Liangping will quicken the overall integration of urbanization, industrialization and overall urban and rural development. As one of central urban areas of Liangping, this plot faces the double tasks of quickening urban construction progress and perfecting urban gathering function, and will reselect the urban functions and function regeneration of the plot, which is the key point of the plot.