Urban design

General Planning and Conceptual Urban Design for Duzhu Cluster, Zhongxian County, Chongqing

Date of preparation: 2008
Project scale: 5km2

The third prize for Chongqing Excellent Planning and Design 2010
The first prize for International Bidding of Chongqing Urban Planning Bureau 2008

Duzhu City of Zhongxian County is a very typical flat lake peninsula in the Three Gorges Reservoir Area, which connects downtown of this county to the west and to the east faces the historic city - Huanghua across the river. The planning is based on both Huanghua City inherited from Song Dynasty and modern Duzhu City, emphasizes the theme of two legend cities in the Three Gorges, highlights the recreational experiences within Duzhu City, and fully exhibits the tourist value of the Three Gorges to build this city into a vocational tourist designation integrating functions like leisure, entertainment, exhibition, shopping, sightseeing, sports, in which major planned projects include Duzhu Mountain Villa, Duzhu Harbor and Duzhu vocational destination. With the guideline “a modern city of ecology, and tourism” as goal and “green range” as design concept, the planning aims to create a new urban area endowed by three merits - environmental friendly, resource-effective and the ecology. Crucial design contents included floating bridge above the river, twins city paradise walk, bright pearl of the Three Gorges – Duzhu platform, ten-mile belt of orange light along the riverside, as well as a recreational center on the water.