Urban design

Urban Design of Kunming New Town, High& New Tech Industrial Base, Yunnan Province

Date of preparation: 2014
Project scale: 13km2

Bright pearl in spring,opened wisdom city

The high & new tech industrial base is located at the south-north development axis of Kunming City and has important urban function, and is new urban economic growth pole of Kunming City. The urban design range is the key region of the high & new tech industrial base.

The urban design is adopted with key regional advantage and good ecological environment as condition and the ecological strategy by using mountain and water to create green corridor, and adopted with the functional strategy of collecting core energy and production-city merging and layout strategy of polarizing center and optimal development. It is planned to open the joint to merge reasonable economic traffic strategy and new-old merging, and adopted with the cultural strategy as guidance to use ancient style to mold current works. It is planned to use base service as guidance to create the high & new industrial base core integrated with wisdom research and development, high & new tech industry, commercial business, entertainment and exhibition, health ports and leisure as well as ecological residence to mode the name card of the high & new industrial base.