Urban and Rural Planning

Loose Peach Miao Autonomous County, Xingcheng ConceptPlanning and Design in North, Guizhou

First Prize of 2011 Chongqing International Bidding
Songtao town sited in the northeast of Tongren city in Guizhou province, and located at the juncture where is between Guizhou province, Hunan province, and Chongqing city. In fact, this location has served as eastern gateway in Guizhou province since ancient time. Given its long history, traditional ethnic custom, this location is really a crucial plot which represents Chu culture. Moreover, this place is full of all kinds of ethnic culture inherited from Miao minority, most of their cultural artistic method have already been spreaded abroad. Planning plot is located in the northern new area of Songtao town. Among the master planning, it plays a role that delivered a series of functions which included urban commercial, tourism, finance, message, residential. All planning area is nearly 99.4 hectare, urban constructive land is 98.27 hectare. Apart from these, this site is based on old urban core which is the base for developing new area, expanding urban to north. Industrial base in northern part provide the dynamic power for developing city, but minimize the negative effect towards the residential area; residential area in eastern part respond to base and form a belt together. Western part of this site set as greenery barrier, landscape environment is very excellent, which deliver the suitable conditions for developing tourism and residential industry.


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