Urban and Rural Planning

Landscape Design , Pingjin Original Downtown, Liangping City

The current original downtown sited on the both sides of Provincial highway( From Chongqing to Wushan), and situated along the road like the shape of “一” . In this whole area, commercial, government  and school interact and affect together therefore it is very to form regional sustainability.
 Status of Building Quality
First one: the buildings under construction must be built  3 floors or above with frame structure, reasonable function and this proportion of building should covered 23 percent and most of them in the east side of Xin yuzhou avenue.
Second one: the buildings under construction must be built 3 floors or above with masonry structure,
 irrational function. But most of them could be working after renovation and improvement and contains 48 percent, most of them situated on the both sides of old avenue.
Third one: old and shabby buildings which contains 29 percent and concentrated on the middle part between new and old streets in the southern section of avenue.
In 21st century, urban development in china is in a period of transaction, old cities have been renovating, government, private developers and citizens are more and more focusing on environmental preservation and ecology. Under the guideline of Notice on improving the afforested level in city, state council, we know that the overall development in afforested sector is still in low level. So we can find that sound livable environment is unnecessary foundation to form the urban infrastructure, and promote urban sustainability.
The planning emphasized the organic combination of preserving original and new eco-element in order to improve and build a enormous eco-environment which is full of era and ecological circumstance.


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