Urban and Rural Planning

Urban Planning Design, “Bainian Shijia”, Chongqing

Urban Planning Design,  “Bainian Shijia”, Chongqing

Continuity-----continuity of the history of ancient city
Putting such cultural construction, tapping local character as crucial measures on building locality, improving building quality and spatial quality. Setting such regional connection, cultural  veining as urban symbol system which express all sorts of theoretical appeal
Expressiveness ——activation of metropolitan vigour.
By experiencing local custom and lifestyle, value, we can keep interaction between human and space, and transforming it into particular space where people could exchange emotions, ideas and finally reform the whole city with creative ways.

 Integration---integration of multi-space
The multi-needs from resident activities making the physical interface of urban spaces nonexistent anymore, and turn them it into a completely new interfere where the different spaces communicate together.

Co- construction of urban forest
Inspired by our particular natural inhabit, water and mountain, based on nature priority, design adaptability, we are focusing on ecological restoration and arrange and coordinate landscape ecological system willingly so as to realize the eco-layout.