Urban and Rural Planning

Planning of Lvding Garden, Chongqing


Chongqing Lvding garden sited in the Mahe county, Jiangbei district, and it is bounded on west by Chongqing soap manufacturing factory, on south by Jialing river, facing to ceramics ancient town by river. The overall land is 5.96 hectares which included the land sections-18-1、18-2、19、20-2、21-1、22 under the Guideline—adjustment, regulatory detailed planning, south region, Jiangbei farm

Planning site relevant to Lvding garden is close to Chongqing eco-park, bounded on south by Jialing river, from north to south the landform is appearing lower and lower, lowest elevation is 189.60 meters and highest elevation is 280.16meters. The southwest corner around the site is the Gui huayuan primary school and a kindergarten under planning.

project analysis

  Overseeing through development process in domestic livable community, it mainly went through several stages that included affordable, demonstration and healthy communities. The sound regional traffic advantages and unique natural eco-environment set a relatively planning design requirements on the development and construction for Lvding park. And its phasing directly affected the market prospect of this housing property.

 location: mountain, water, emotion
   Lvding garden located back against the Chongqing eco-park, facing to Jialing river. As an ideal geomantic land, this particular plot meet  some demands of civilians, such as affection to water and mountain, psychological request on returning back to nature. Planning proposal completely take advantage of natural water and mountain, combine terrain with goodwill to water and mountain, concerning to humanity. Thus, highlighting the design theme.
 planning principle:
    The terms showed below is this planning principle, so as to highlight the nature and humanity spirit,  as well as the design guideline----put people first, finally express the spirits of both nature and human and integrate them.

Sustainability principle---society, economy and environmental benefits develop in all-around way.

Develop with the environment and landscape—construct a spatial structure coordinated with mountainous landform in southwest, moreover, form a livable environment have the nature of green, ecology.

3. Community—residential area with high quality, high-efficient public service center, ecological, livable entity with completed integration, humanity, function.

4. Concentrating—Different industrial sectors concentrated, interact together. Founding a platform full of competition and cooperation.

5. The elastic and the progressive—In accordance with economic regular pattern of land use and development, to deal with various unstable elements, market requirements and social change.


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