Urban and Rural Planning

Conceptual Planning of New Urbanization of Nanchuan District, Chongqing

Date of preparation: 2013
Project scale: Administrative planned area of Nanchuan District: 2601.92km2

Nanchuan District is situated in Chongqing one-hour economic circle – new urban development zone, and is close to metropolitan functional expanded zone and ecological preservation development zone in the southeast of Chongqing, with geographical advantage of cooperative bridgehead between Chongqing and Guizhou. The planning sticks to the conception of “strengthening the district by industry and tourism” to take over industrial transformation of the main urban area, get hold of development change of new industries and actively promote merging Nanchuan into the main urban area to build it into ecological livable demonstration district, new urbanization innovative demonstration district and overall urban-rural development demonstration window of mountainous urban and rural areas. The planning sticks to using high efficient, intensive and compact utilization of land as guidance and taking production-town merging as approach to improve urban development, regional efficiency and harmonious economy as well as urban and rural coordinated and united development so as to improve living quality and promote fairness and justness of the society.

This planning will form new hierarchical structure of “city – town (township) – village” to build up the industrial pattern “one core, one zone and two plots”. One core means urban and rural industrial development pole core consisting central urban areas to be focused on developing comprehensive modern service industry, including commercial trade logistics industry, tourist service industry, production service industry and living service industry etc. One zone means the central urban area of Nanchuan with Shuijiang and Nanping Industrial Parks to form the industrial zone of modern manufacture industry and logistics trade industry from the east to west of Nanchuan, and the new industrial park taking alumina-magnesia new material, fine chemical industry and new manufacture industry as pillar industry. Two plots means the elders-nursing and health-care plot surrounding modern agriculture in the north, and the mountainous characteristic agricultural and ecological leisure tourist plot surrounding Jinfo Mountain, Shenlong Gorge and Shanwangping in the south by using rich ecological resource and cold climate.