Urban and Rural Planning

Adjustment of General Urban Planning of Qingchuan County, Sichuan Province and Detailed Preparation of Regulatory Planning of the County

Date of preparation: 2010
Project scale: 13km2

This project is a general plan specially prepared to guide post-disaster reconstruction and solving consequent
production and livings of the quake victims in Qingchuan County under the background of 5.12 Wenchuan Earthquake. It is planned to determine Qingchuan County as “administrative center, cultural center, ecological and commercial trade town of Qingchuan County”. Through research of overseas and domestic earthquake cases, urban ecological safety theme study and assessment of evacuation shelters in the county town, it provides
scientific basis and summarize Qingchuan County Town as spatial structure of “one town with four plots”.

The ecological safety functional area of Qingchuan County Town is divided into:
“One corridor, one core and four plots”
“One corridor”:
Ecological passage mainly including Qiaozhuang River water body passage, with road passage along the river;
“One core”:
Weiganliang Mountain ecological green core in the county town;
“Four plots”:
 North ecological living plot, old city ecological commercial residential
comprehensive plot, new town ecological comprehensive
service plot and south ecological industrial plot in the county town.